Wednesday 21 August 2019

Sky, Children of the Light review: An idea takes flight

(iOS) **** Age: 3+

Sky: Children of the Light
Sky: Children of the Light
Ronan Price

Ronan Price

The producers of the Bafta-winning Journey are on a mission to massively broaden the appeal of its output, reaching those who wouldn't traditionally call themselves gamers.

The move to iOS instead of PS4 exclusivity was thus inevitable for Sky, an experiential free-to-play game reminiscent of the dreamy landscapes and serendipitous cooperation of Journey.

The deliberately vague story centres on releasing trapped spirits in a beautifully rendered world. But it's just as much about random encounters with other players, who help you, bestow gifts on you or just soar through the sky with you - just remember to return the favours.

There are several gamey elements here - puzzles, upgrades to your abilities, aimless wandering. But they're wrapped in a beguiling adventure that might just seduce wary non-gamers who can see past the fussy touchscreen controls.

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