Friday 27 April 2018

GoD Factory: Wingmen review - prepare yourself for a long period of defeat

Jack Fleming

There are two popular ways to make a game hard to master: first, have complicated controls and systems that take a long time to learn how to properly utilise; and second, have diverse objectives that provide a variety of methods to complete a scenario. GoD Factory: Wingmen borrows from the popular multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) genre and includes both. As with MOBA games such as DOTA or League of Legends, this is a game that is not friendly to newcomers and will take a good deal of time to master.

3/5; PC; Namco Bandai Games

At its heart this is a multiplayer only space combat game with two teams trying to destroy the other’s mother-ship, whilst also killing each other. There are loads of customisation options for the spaceships -these parts can be purchased as you progress using money and experience earned in battle.

The ships come in a variety of classes, each with their own strengths and weaknesses so that a variety of play styles can be accommodated. The combat itself is remarkably fun and tense with the game virtually forcing you to learn advanced manoeuvres and techniques to even be able to compete.

GoD Factory: Wingmen rewards time investment and has a great deal of depth. However, the amount of time required to master may put many off due to the prolonged period of defeat before any victories.

Team work is vital, and while this is no problem when playing with human teammates, with bots it can get frustrating that they don’t have fantastic AI. A lack of human opponents and some progress wiping glitches within the first few hours of play took the sheen off an otherwise competent and enjoyable game.

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