Sunday 18 August 2019

Fire Emblem Warriors review: Hackneyed slash

Fire Emblem Warriors (Switch/3DS) ★★★ Age: 15+

Fire Emblem Warriors
Fire Emblem Warriors
Ronan Price

Ronan Price

YOU’RE looking at the second fruit of Nintendo’s eye-opening decision to lend its iconic franchises to the Dynasty Warriors template, a fairly mindless hack’n’slash that never really gained popularity outside of Japan. But last year’s Hyrule Warriors obviously did some business on these shores or this crossover with Fire Emblem would never exist.

Fire Emblem is renowned for its thoughtful, turn-based strategy with heartwrenching story twists. But FEW has little to none of this DNA. It’s far more Dynasty Warriors than Fire Emblem. And if you’ve played DW, you’ll know that the first five minutes is more or less like the last five minutes – and all of the dozens of hours in between.

This is FEW’s problem because most players expecting some semblance of subtlety just won’t appreciate the endless button-mashing required to cut swathes through hordes of medieval enemies in simple “assault the fortress” battles. The storyline and voice-acting are lamentably lame while the fiddly menu system quickly proves irritating.

Doubtlessly, the small community of ardent DW fans in the West will be satisfied with another wedge of slicing and dicing. The rest of us will just move on, content to wait for a proper instalment of Fire Emblem.

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