Tuesday 20 August 2019

Everybody's Golf review: Going clubbing

Everybody’s Golf (PS4) ★★★★ Age: 3+

Ronan Price

Ronan Price

THE stuffy blazers of the Royal and Ancient would have a fit. Golf’s overseers would hardly approve of the outrageous outfits, incessant chatter and impatient simultaneous play of this long-running series. But that’s a core part of the joy of this PlayStation stalwart, which as the title suggests brings “a good walk spoiled” to the masses.

Some 20 years after it began on the original PlayStation, Everybody’s Golf hits the PS4 for another dollop of fairway mayhem. It helps that underneath all that cartoonish make-up and saccharine banter is a very grounded golf sim capable of both offline and online play.

Even if you ignore the versatile character creator (enabling everything from gleeful cross-dressing to jolly obesity) and the course modifications (such as outsized cups to aim at), EG will challenge your skills as a golfer.

It can be offputting to spend time lining up a shot while your competitors whack the ball beside you and then run to the landing spot. But take it as part of the game’s charm and learn to relax.

New rules for the series include a levelling-up mechanic for the clubs, whereby good shots improve their stats, giving you longer range and better control. It all feeds into the constant gratification loop EG maintains – but it does somewhat skew the balance of online matches where more dedicated players immediately have an advantage.

Now if only the R&A could incorporate some of EG’s barmier ideas into the real world.

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