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PS2 games could be coming to PS4





Evidence is mounting for the arrival of classic PlayStation 2 games on the PlayStation 4 with the new firmware update

There's a major update for the PlayStation 4 on the way in the coming weeks, taking the console firmware up to version 3.00. Plenty of new features have been promised, including direct streaming to YouTube and finally increasing your online storage limit to 10 gigs.

That's just the beginning, and we'll be learning a lot more in the coming weeks. Some players are already getting to grips with the update as part of Sony PlayStation's beta testing system and they're starting to spill the details. The latest rumour suggests that we could be getting a whole new library of games, with classic PlayStation 2 titles playable on the PS4.

That's right, it looks like we'll finally be getting some form of backwards compatibility in the new gen, which is very cool indeed for those who still have a healthy PS2 collection. The rumours came from a screenshot of the Live From PlayStation section, where you'll be able to watch streams of other players doing their thing. And right in the middle was a stream for Siren (PS2).


Siren was released on the PS2 back in 2003 and was a creepy game which let you jack into other NPCs so you could see and hear what they see. It garnered some decent reviews though it's hardly a game we've all been waiting to replay over these last 12 years. More significantly, it was developed by Sony's Japan Studio which explains why it would be used for testing and could mean other titles like Ape Escape 2, Rogue Galaxy and Shadow of the Colossus are in the works.

There's no official word from Sony on this yet but the screenshots do exist and it's likely they're holding back on a major announcement.