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Thursday 22 February 2018

League of Legends: A guide to skins

League Of Legends champion
League Of Legends champion "Rammus" in ninja mode
Frank Whelan

Frank Whelan

Champion skins can vary greatly, so here's a guide to help you know what to expect for your precious points.

Riot divide their champion skills in to a number of tiers, based on the amount of Riot Points they cost.

390/520 RP

These are the most basic of skins and Riot no longer makes them. Existing skins may appear on the store. Skins comes with texture changes and a new splash image, while a few of them may contain slight model changes.

A prime example is Loch Ness Cho'Gath, which is pretty much a green Cho' with some fishy frills.

750 RP

These skins are the new bottom tier, or least they're the most basic skins Riot are still producing.
They feature everything the 520RP ones do, but also always feature model changes and occasionaly have new animations.

A prime example is Little Knight Amumu

975 RP

At this level you should expect a new model rather than just a modified one. This tier may also include some visual effects, new animations and occasionally new sounds.

A good example is Haunted Maokai


1350 RP

Stepping it up again, we get plenty of new things. Including what we picked up in the lower tiers, we now get: a new texture, a new splash image, a new model, new animation, new sounds and new visual effects. We also occasionally get processed voice overs (where a new voice over isn't recorded, but the existing one undergos processing.)

For example, Arcade Sona

1820 RP - "Legendary Skins"

Ok, now we're getting to the big leagues. These skins may cost a pretty penny, but they completely change the feel and look of a champion. Adding to our loot from the previous tiers, Legendary skins also come with brand new voice overs.

Super mecha prime example - Battlecast Prime Cho'Gath

3250 RP - Ultimate Skins

Now we've reached the pinnacle of skins. A ultimate skin is a complete reimagining of a champ. These skins have evolved models that change in to different forms. At the moment there are only three: Pulsefire Ezreal, DJ Sona and Spirit Guard Udyr. Ultimate Skins come in around the €20 mark, so they're a significant investment in a free game, but thrown in with the skin are bonuses such as summoner icons and profile banners.


There are also a number of "Legacy Skins"

These are skins that are no longer available in the store. Legacy Skins are typically seasonal,for special events or have been retired. Winter skins, for example, appear at Snowdown Showdown time. Other skins can only be earned by completing certain tasks, such as referring friends.

Some collections to Note:

Riot Skins: These are given out by Riot employees at certain events.

World Final Commemorative Skins: When a new world champion team is crowned, they get their own special team skins of their preferred champs.

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