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EVE Online spices up gameplay with Hyperion update


EVE Online - Pirates at work

EVE Online - Pirates at work

EVE Online - Pirates at work

With its latest update, Hyperion, CCP Games have spiced up EVE Online with a number of feature additions.

The introduction of "Burner" pirates will force pilots to go back to their old dog fighting ways. Hiding behind space gates that only frigate-class ships can activate, the Burners force players to abandon the much larger battleship warfare and take the pirates on in a battle that should more closely resemble PvP action.

The next big set of changes affect wormholes:

  • New wormhole connections have opened up and those with black holes inside have become de facto fast-skirmish wormholes.
  • Changes in the mass calculations of ships entering wormholes should provide some exciting skirmishes, as bigger ships find themselves drifting further from the safety of the entrance.
  • New wormhole connections have opened up, and those with Black Holes inside have become the de facto fast-skirmish wormholes.

Andie Nordgren, Executive Producer for EVE Online said, "Hyperion brings the first of many upcoming changes to core parts of EVE Online that let players explore the New Eden universe and clash with its inhabitants. Missions, wormhole exploration, and incursions are an integral part of EVE’s player-driven vicious cycle of harvesting, creation and destruction, with players of all levels sewing the fabric of our massive universe with their ambitions."

Other changes include more ship and module balancing, improved UI, new cybernetic arms and the opening of planetary colonies in null security space.

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