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Dota 2 update adds Dota Levels to profiles


DotA 2

DotA 2

DotA 2

The recent Dota 2 update adds a new way for players to show off how good they are. Dota Levels quantify your experience and accomplishments.

This badge can be found on all Dota Profiles and acts as an immediate indicator of your Dota 2 accomplishments and experience. Players can gain one Dota Level for every 100 trophy points.

These trophy points are earned, as you might expect, from winning trophies. Different trophies are worth different amounts of trophy points, and more trophies are planned so that players constantly have something to work towards.

Those who have been playing from Dota 2 will find their newly determined Dota Level on their profile based on trophies already earned.

There are also two new trophies to reward players for the time they put into the game. The Experience Trophy gains points each time you play, while the Battle Veteran trophy is a commemorative trophy for those who earned Battle Points before this update.

The update also includes a new Treasury, a Tournaments area in the Watch section, a preload of the upcoming Reborn Update, and some goodies for those who bought a Compendium for The International 2015.



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