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Here is the very relevant part of the Appeal Chairman's statement after the Senior Camrose controversy which involved a player mistakenly calling for the wrong card.

"It is my view (and I think the view of the other members of the appeals committee) that Bridge Great Britain should advise a Tournament Director to exercise generous discretionary powers as regards the rules and regulations governing competitions such as the Senior Camrose to take account of the fact that it is likely in the future that players competing in the competition are possibly going to be suffering from mild forms of disability in deafness or speech - as was the case recently -and that... due account should be taken of the minor disability of the player involved.

"It might also be noted that the Northern Bridge Union had advised of the special problems experienced by the player.

"I think there would have been serious disquiet expressed by virtually every player competing in the event had the Irish victory had been achieved in the appeals room rather than at the table."

Another ridiculous hand from the IBU pairs final.

Bidding (all not vul)

N E S W P P P 1D P 1S P 2S P 4S P P

One of our leading players complained bitterly that she scored 17pc for this mundane game bid against her. Don't blame her.









♦K10974 ♦632







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