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We had a regrettable incident in the Senior Camrose match between Ireland and Northern Ireland. During the play in a contract of 3NT, declarer inadvertently called for a Spade instead of a Heart and Ireland claimed 3NT-2 when Northern Ireland had 3NT+2.

Needless to say, the declarer's mistake was a pure accident. Apparently he intended to say Heart, but said Spade instead. Singleton Diamond led and after finessing C10, that was 3NT+2 - but for what was clearly a mistake.

Director called and he had little option at the time but to agree to 3NT-2. Appeal, of course, and here is what the chairman of appeals had to say. (I don't have space for the full statement, but these are the relevant points.)

"The appeals committee formed the view that if North (who suffers from a speaking disability and was unable to verbally explain what had happened) had been able to speak he would have claimed and nobody would have raised any objection to the result.

"We were of the view that the East-West pair, in seeking to have a score of +50 as the result, were acting (no matter how correct in strict compliance with the laws) in a spirit far removed from the spirit of the game as envisaged by BGB and indeed by Bernard Teltscher, the prime mover in getting the Senior Camrose up and running.

"It would be wrong to allow the adjusted result to stand and therefore [we] decided to return it to +460."

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