Friday 15 November 2019


Bridge on BBO has become very popular - and in preparation for the upcoming European women's championships in Norway, there is a Festival of women's Bridge starting on BBO tomorrow and continuing to next Sunday.

The prize should attract every lady Bridge player in Ireland - since it means free entry to the European championships with a partner of her choice.

The details are available on the EBL website.

The third Carlow International congress kicks off at the excellent Seven Oaks Hotel on May 1 - and once again we have that important Civic reception by Carlow Co Council on the opening evening at 7pm.

I believe this official recognition is important, as it realises it is for the of the good of the town. Pity our Government won't follow suit.

Mixed pairs at 7.30pm; Congress pairs at 1.30pm on May 2; and teams at noon on the final day.

Entries to Kathryn Murphy at (086) 850-7102 or Mary Yates at (086) 864-8649.

I saw this hand played in 1S and 4S in a recent club competition. But we were told you are showing 23-24hcp with 2C I was told. What utter nonsense. This is a 2C opening inAcol or 2D in Benjamin.

Bidding (all not vul)


2C P 2D P 2S P 2NT P 4C P 4S P 5C P 5S P 6S













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