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Just two week-long congresses left. The annual Bankers soiree started yesterday and continues to this day week.

We skip tomorrow and continue with ladies and men's pairs on Tuesday, novices and beginners on Wednesday; mixed pairs on Thursday and the two main events, pairs and teams next Saturday and Sunday. Noon for Congress pairs and the same for the final event.

There is an excellent prize fund and entries should be emailed to bankersbc@gmail.com or tel: (087) 996-8901. Pre-entry is mandatory. No open pairs.

Senior congress at the Le Mon Hotel in Belfast from March 17 to 19. Gala pairs to start with and then the pairs and teams the following two days. You can enter at headquarters, or by phoning Ann Hassan at (078) 015-85951.

We had 38 teams in action at the Burke Trophy at Westmanstown - but with so many Dublin teams in action, it meant that several counties were not represented - Mayo, Westmeath,Monaghan, Tyrone and Monaghan. Why?

Today we look at an interesting hand from the Burke. Should slam be bid?

Bidding (NS vul)



2HP4s all P

With W reversing, perhaps W should at least try, but it is so difficult to value this hand. Just look at the value of the HJ. Impossible to find that. With precision opening of 1C, maybe so.







♠4 ♠KQJ10982

♥AKQ2 ♥J

♦764 ♦A32

♣AK864 ♣32






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