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Glad to hear Donegal had a record attendance for their annual Congress, which I missed for the first time in a long number of years, mainly because of the heavy upcoming programme.

And last weekend, we had a highly successful East of Ireland Congress at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Dundalk.

After a somewhat slow start, the event picked up apace, ending in a really brilliant team event with internationals crawling out of the woodwork. This, by the way, is an excellent venue. So well done all round to Eileen McEntegert and her committee. And there were two players from New Zealand on the winning team.

No surprise eliminations in the first weekend of the Lady Milne Trials, which conclude this evening. Hard to know who will make up the team, but I will go for the Jill Kulchycky team of six.

What has gone wrong with Bridge players who not only can't bid the most mundane Grand Slam I have seen for a long time, but even a Small Slam on this monster from Dundalk. Grand bid just once and several played in game. Bidding (NS vul)

W N E S 2C 2D 2H P 3S P 4NT P 5D P 6S P PP Three S showed a solid suit, so how EW ground to a halt at six is a mystery. But what sort of players can't get past four? And this wasn't a novice competition. I took an 85pc score for 6S, but received 35. Make sense of that.









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