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PangaeaPanga returns with another impossible Super Mario Maker level


Super Mario Maker

Super Mario Maker

Super Mario Maker

PangaeaPanga saw Bomb Voyage beaten, but isn't prepared to give up on creating rock-hard levels. Pit of Panga: P-Break will test players' skills throughout.

Just days after PangaeaPanga’s Bomb Voyage was completed for the first time, after players attempted it 11,000 times unsuccessfully, the creator has thrown down another gauntlet.

The follow-up, Pit of Panga: P-Break, has only been completed by PangaeaPanga so far. But expect streamers and masochists to be giving it their all in the coming days.

Pit of Panga requires players to be pretty adept with P-switches, spin-jumps, and using Shell Helmet Mario. And you’ll need a lot of luck too.

As Super Mario Maker requires level creators to complete their level before it can be uploaded, PangaeaPanga streamed the process of beating the level.

They later followed the video up with a tweet that the level may be too easy. “All jokes aside P-Break is easier than I thought. Got to the last jump again in less than 10 minutes. I may have to make a harder level,” PangaeaPanga wrote.