Monday 23 October 2017

Top 5 free iPhone games you can grab now

Crossy Road with added unicorn
Crossy Road with added unicorn
Frank Whelan

Frank Whelan

Whether it's passing the time on a long commute or some action before bed, there's plenty of reasons to grab some of these great games.

Saying the app store is a bit crowded is like saying Super Mario is kinda well known. Finding something worth downloading is tough, but luckily we're here to show you five free games you won't regret.

1. Daddy Longlegs

This game is pure nonsense, but delightfully addictive. Moving one leg at a time, you have to walk Daddy Long Legs as far as you can. Sounds pretty dull, but that's without taking physics in to account. Daddy Long Legs has issues... namely his long legs, which give him the body control of a ragdoll. If you manage to take more than two steps on your first attempt it's impressive. There are delightful moments when he's balancing and then slowly begins to fall backwards as you brace for the inevitable crash. A quick restart means you'll find yourself going over and over again.

A nice simple design approach ties up the package nicely. In-app purchases are kept to a minimum and only come into play if you want to buy some new costumes for our stick figure hero.

2. Blitz Racer

Again, it's another straightforward game with simple controls that's a lot of fun and very addictive. Race your wedge around the map, with only the ability to turn left or right at 90 degree angles. This limited control setup leads to fast paced adjustments and lightning fast reactions as the map is unveiled.

In-app transactions only feature to remove the slim add at the top of the screen, an ad you'll barely notice when you're focused on your wedge.


3. Crossy Road

Crossy Road features a bit more complexity than our first two games, but not too much. Crossy Road is essentially an updated version of Frogger. You have to guide your little animal to the other side of the road, avoiding cars and all manner of hazards. There are coins to collect for the true pros, but staying alive is the real challenge.

The game looks great, drawing on that blocky style made so extremely popular by Minecraft. In-app purchases are used to buy extra animals, which in turn gives access to different levels. There's no major pressure to buy, but like many of these games, rewards come via a lottery system, so some people maybe prone to spinning the wheel in the hope of getting a kiwi.

4. Retry

This game takes up where the Flappy Bird craze left off. Rather than just tapping to keep altitude, Retry brings in a hold function, where the plane keeps going rocketing on and does a loop-the-loop. This allows for some change of direction action and incorporating loops into your flying - if you're brave! Take off and land on the next airstrip to pass a level.

The game looks very similar to Flappy Bird (which seemed to take most of its assets from Mario) and the in-app purchase push isn't too obvious.

5. Fist of Fury

In case you need to release some tension, Fist of Fury is at hand - or fist as the case may be - to deal out unrelenting ninja beating justice. It's a classic scenario, a lone hero is assaulted by wave after wave of foes. Swipe in the direction of the enemies to take them out with a mighty punch. The rhythm and pace of the game really sucks you in, like most of the other games we've picked here, and it's a great little title to pick up and play for a few minutes distraction.

Another title with a retro look, reminiscent of old school gameboy titles, this one has slightly more irritating ads, but it's still playable without handing over any money. Even if the ads do get to you, removing all ads and buying all the characters only costs €1.99.


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