Tuesday 23 April 2019

This smartphone game controller is only for the most hardened of geeks

LYNX 9 Mobile Hybrid Controller
LYNX 9 Mobile Hybrid Controller

Christopher Hooton

Ever been playing a game on your smartphone and thought 'Boy, this sure would be a lot easier if I had a Transformers-esque, arachnid external controller with at least 10 different buttons and two control sticks?'

Well, the LYNX 9 Mobile Hybrid Controller is the third-party tool for you, which can wrap around both Android smartphone and tablet and communicates with the device using Bluetooth.

Meaning you will never fling an Angry Bird or swipe an Infinity Blade with anything other than God-like deftness again, the controller's buttons can be configured and tweaked through an app and there's also the option to snap in a QWERTY keyboard for social stuff (though presumably not a concern if you're buying one of these).

The controller has a built-in mic and an estimated battery life of 30 hours, but all this comes at the hefty price of $299.99.

It ships in the US from March, so until then you'll just have to swipe fruit with your index finger like a reasonable human being.

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