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New ‘Need For Speed’ game to charge for petrol

The New EA ‘Need For Speed’ mobile game will be released this spring, and feature an unusual quirk.

The game – ironically called ‘No Limits’ – will charge the user to fill up the tank in their racing car before they can race. The app will be available for free for iOS and Android but will require in-app purchases of things like petrol in order to play the game for a period of time. Players can choose to wait some time until their petrol tank refills instead but will need to pay to avoid gameplay interruption.

Each race uses up a certain amount of ‘gas’ – similar to the ‘health’ metric in many fighting games.

Other in-app purchases will include ‘gold’, which can be bought via credit card and then exchanged for gas or used to upgrade the racing car.

What do you think - would you rather pay for the app upfront and avoid game-stalling in-app purchases?

Online Editors