Saturday 24 March 2018

Minecraft: Pocket Edition gets massive update

Screenshot from the Minecraft: Pocket Edition v.0.9.0 alpha build
Screenshot from the Minecraft: Pocket Edition v.0.9.0 alpha build
Destroy and rebuild: Grainne Cunningham watches on as her triplets Jack, Luca and Harry play 'Minecraft'. Photo: Ronan Lang
Frank Whelan

Frank Whelan

The latest update to Mojang's massively successful crafting game should bring the mobile version closer to the much loved PC experience.

Version 0.9.0 is the largest update to the mobile game and will radically improve the game on both iOS and Android.

The changes are many, but the real game changer is the inclusion of infinite worlds. Where games were previously limited to a 256x256 block size, the update will now allow a world as big as you can explore.

New blocks mean more ingredients to craft with, allowing players to get ever closer to their own perfect mobile world. Unfortunately for dreams of utopia, the update also brings in new baddies to contend with, such as wolves and slimes.

This is a great update to an already enjoyable experience and displays Mojang's commitment to its mobile versions.

The list of features (taken from the Mojang website) can be found below.


New features


  •     Unlimited worlds
  •     New culling algorithm
  •     New culling of clouds
  •     Tile entities are saved differently
  •     New falling mechanics for gravel and sand
  •     New insta ticking of water and lava


New blocks


  •     Podzol
  •     Mycelium
  •     Huge mushroom blocks
  •     Cocoa
  •     End portal frame
  •     Double plants
  •     More stairs/slabs for new wood types
  •     New log types (savanna tree and dark oak)
  •     New leafs (savanna tree)
  •     Monster egg
  •     Stained clay
  •     Waterlily
  •     New flowers
  •     Red sand
  •     Hardened clay
  •     End stone
  •     Granite
  •     Diorite
  •     Andesite
  •     Emerald block
  •     Emerald ore
  •     New leveldb based saving format
  •     New entity handling
  •     New crafting screen
  •     Remade network code (mostly the same packages but new system).
  •     New interact button (to make the game easier for new players)


New mobs


  •     Slimes
  •     Endermen
  •     Wolves
  •     Mooshrooms
  •     Silverfish


New and updated biomes


  •     Deserts
  •     Extreme hills
  •     Forests
  •     Redwood taiga
  •     Roofed forests
  •     Frozen
  •     Jungle
  •     Savanna
  •     Mesa
  •     Mushroom island
  •     Taiga
  •     Deep ocean
  •     Swamps


New world feature generation


  •     Sand
  •     Boulders
  •     Ice patch
  •     Ice spike
  •     Spike
  •     Lake
  •     Double plants
  •     Ground bushes
  •     Fancy oaks
  •     Jungle tree
  •     Mega jungle tree
  •     Mega pine tree
  •     Savanna tree
  •     Swamp tree
  •     Huge mushroom
  •     Tallgrass
  •     Waterlily
  •     Vines
  •     Melons
  •     Pumpkin
  •     Dead bush
  •     Monster rooms
  •     Desert well
  •     Fallen logs
  •     Emerald ore


Tweaks to caves


  •     Lava at the bottom of caves
  •     Caves in desert and mesa
  •     Strongholds
  •     Villages
  •     Villagers
  •     Abandoned mine shafts
  •     Flat world generation
  •     Limited world generation
  •     “New” mob spawning
  •     Updated light generation
  •     Grass colour for different biomes
  •     Foliage colour for different biomes
  •     Water colour for swamps


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