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Kings of the Realm sets sights on the crown


Kings of the Realm screenshot with added wizard

Kings of the Realm screenshot with added wizard

Kings of the Realm screenshot with added wizard

Today sees the launch of Kings of the Realm, the first release from Dublin based Digit Gaming Studios.

Kings of the Realm is a massively multiplayer strategy game that sees players establish a stronghold, build their armies and go to war against orcs and rival human players. Set in a fantasy landscape, expect to see all manner of outlandish creatures, from elves to dragons.


Available on browsers, iOS and Android, the game allows you to move seamlessly from desktop to mobile, so there's no excuse for not raiding your neighbour daily.

The game, which cost more than €1m to create and launch, is set to race to 1m downloads in a month, according to co-founder and chief executive Richard Barnwell.

"It's the biggest Irish game launch in many years and one of the biggest in Europe this year," said Mr Barnwell. "We're very ambitious for it because of organisations like Google, which is getting right behind it. It wouldn't surprise me to see five million installs by Christmas."

Digit have partnered up with Kabam, one of the leading publishers of massively multiplayer social games.
"Kabam publishing actively looks to partner with the best development teams worldwide, and we've found a great partnership with Digit," said Amit Ranade, President of Distribution at Kabam. "Their compelling design and visionary tech complement Kabam's strengths in delivering exceptional games for mobile devices."



Having spent quite a bit of time playing the game during the beta stages, there's a special addictive quality to the title. Like most of the multiplayer titles that 'get it right', KOTR quickly establishes rivalries with your fellow players. If someone raids you once, payback will cross your mind, but if they raid you a number of times, oh, your mission will become their destruction.

Strongholds are laid out in sectors with each outer area producing a resource while the main keep stores the player's money. Each attack requires you to select where to send your generals in. Defense asks you to assign a general to a particular walled area. The combat is all about predicting where the enemy will attack or how strong the defenses are.

Systems are in place to prevent stronger players completely dominating new players and the use of a protective shield prevents a non-stop onslaught and allows players to regroup. Every effort has been made to keep players coming back. Rage quits are bad for business after all.

Kings of the Realm is availalble in the App Store, Google Playstore and from www.kingsoftherealm.com

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