Friday 24 January 2020

Ingress: Top 5 Gear Essentials

Frank Whelan

Tackling portals on a daily commute is one thing, but if you're making a day of it, here are five essentials for playing Ingress

We'll take your scanner as a given.

1. A spare battery.

As with most games that rely heavily on constant updating and location features, Ingress devours battery life. A spare battery, whether to replace or recharge your main one, is essential for prolonged play.

2. Comfy Footwear.

Even if you're driving from point to point, chances are you'll have to go on a hike to get some sneaky portals that are just out of reach of roads. Comfy footwear will allow you to keep going without getting too cranky.

3. Snacks

You may have remembered a power supply for your scanner, but if you let yourself run low you're going to become sluggish and less likely to go that extra mile for that one last portal. If you've a fine day for it, why not have a picnic (the perfect chance to charge your phone battery.)

4. Water

Hydration is important, especially if you're in a hot country ( or Ireland during a heatwave.) Dehydration can lead to headaches, exactly what you want to avoid when trying to figure out which portal to take down next.

5. Zip Lock bag.

If you don't have a waterproof case for your phone, bringing a ziplock bag is the affordable way to keep playing in wet weather. There are more expensive options, such as the type of bags for waterproofing maps, but you'll want to make sure your bag can accommodate your phone and extra battery.

Honourable mentions: Hat to help shade your screen on sunny days; spare cables to plug you and your team mates in to any wall sockets you find; phone mount if you're driving; cellular repeater if you're going on a big mission into a poor signal area.

Our list was compiled with the help of the Reddit Ingress community:



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