Wednesday 19 June 2019

Bioshock coming to iPhone and iPad in early Autumn

Frank Whelan

One of the seminal games of the last console generation is getting an iOS port, seven years after its original release.

The original Bioshock wowed gamers with its original storyline, unique setting and a masterclass in ambient narrative. Upgradeable powers and weapons allowed the player to do things their way and multiple endings reflected the player's morality.

The game is being ported by 2K China and is respectably close to the original, thanks in part to the cross-platform Havok technology used in the console version.

“Just as BioShock redefined the scope of what a game could and should be, the 2K Games team has proven that mobile devices can go beyond simple apps and offer a wholly mature and complete gaming experience akin to those seen on high end gaming platforms.” said Brian Waddle, Vice President of Worldwide Sales at Havok.

In order to work smoothly with the less powerful devices, textures and lighting have been downgraded slightly, but the end product is still impressive.

On-screen controls work quite well, albeit with the option to jump removed from the game. The left hand side creates an analog stick where your thumb lands and the right side controls aiming and firing. Placing the fire and aim function on the same side makes it tricky to aim and shoot, so this could prove to be an issue in the more frantic encounters.

Although the game is available on both iPad and iPhone, saves aren't shared in the cloud, meaning the developers missed out on the trick of allowing players to continue their game on multiple devices.

Important to note is that the game is only supported by recent devices: iPhone 5S, 5C, 5 and iPad Air, Mini 2 and iPad 4.

No price has been announced yet, but 2k have described Bioshock as a "premium-priced mobile game" which would normally put it around the $15 mark, possibly too steep for many when the original and superior version is widely available for cheaper.

Even though it may be lost on existing fans, Bioshock is still a welcome addition to mobile gaming.

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