Saturday 16 November 2019

April Fool's prank becomes real product after massive online demand

Clare Cullen

What started out as an April Fool's joke is now to become a real product after the company behind the prank received record levels of interest.

The sketches of the mock product went viral on Reddit, gaining over 1.9m views in 24 hours.

The company behind the joke, Hyperkin, released a statement which announced their new intention to create the product after record demand, stating that the product was "Originally a planned April Fool's Joke" and is "now a full fledged project for consumer release".

The product is called the SmartBoy, and allows users of the latest iPhone to turn their iPhone 6 into a classic Gameboy via a docking port in the attachment.

The attachment - which is styled on the old Gameboy Colour models - will allow users to insert original Gameboy cartridges and play them on their phone via the Gameboy-style buttons.

The company confirmed to the Daily Dot that they will be experimenting with Android implementation of the product also.

The product is still in the conceptual stages so there is no release date yet. The company imagines it will have a built-in battery for extended play and will run through an app on the iPhone which will allow users access to features that were not available on Gameboy, such as a cheat database and the ability to save a game and return later.

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