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Imirt - Irish Game Makers Association announces inaugural town hall meeting



Screenshot from ShipAntics by Irish game devs Studio Powwow

Imirt, the Irish Game Makers Association, are due to hold their inaugural town hall meeting on June 30th.

The association was formed in April 2015 to represent game makers throughout Ireland and covers both digital and analog games.

The meeting, taking place in Dublin's Odessa Club from 5.30pm, will see Imirt's steering committee present information on the formation of the association, its goals and membership details.

Paul Conway of Doomcube Games and a member of the steering committee said, "As a game developer based on the west coast, I'm happy to take part in forming an organisation which will be a unifying force for the Irish games development community."

While their is an existing Irish games industry association in Games Ireland, it is an all-encompassing entity, representing the middle-ware, publishers and customer service sectors and such influential players as Blizzard and Demonware. The foundation of Imirt can be seen as an attempt to give a more defined voice to the ever growing Irish game developer community.

Committee member Elaine Reynolds of Simteractive expressed enthusiasm for Imirt. "Since I returned to Ireland in 2012, it’s been brilliant to get to know so many people making games here. The game development community has grown so much even over these past few years. It’s a really supportive, vibrant community with many regular game development events being held around the country. With Imirt, the aim is to give the game development community a unified voice to ultimately help it grow and success in the long run."

If you're interested and can't attend the meeting, the event will be live streamed here: http://www.twitch.tv/imirt_ie/profile.

Further information can be found on the Imirt website: http://www.imirt.ie/faq


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