Sunday 18 August 2019

Games: Scéal tells an Irish ghost story

(PC), 3 Stars, Age: 7+

Scéal features charming animation
Scéal features charming animation
Ronan Price

Ronan Price

Crafted by a small team in Carlingford, Scéal uses the small Co Louth village as the setting for an ethereal ghost story based on Irish folklore.

Lovingly animated in a hand-drawn watercolour style and underpinned by a haunting trad soundtrack, Scéal makes a handsome first impression.

But it quickly becomes clear there's less to Scéal than meets the eye. It plays like an interactive book as you wander the village piecing together the events leading to a young girl's death. There's nothing wrong with that genre, per se.

Alas, without anything meaningful in the way of puzzles or gameplay, the slight story can't hold the interest. It's all over in less than an hour, with only an option to replay the entire thing leading to a different ending.

Still, at just €5, it's clearly an undemanding purchase that showcases some promising talent.

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