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Tuesday 15 October 2019

'If I ever buy a Lamborghini, someone can shoot me' - Irish YouTube millionaire Jacksepticeye

The Athlone man has made his millions from swearing

Sean McLoughlin (27) is unknown to most of the Irish population
Sean McLoughlin (27) is unknown to most of the Irish population

Lynne Kelleher

A young Irish YouTube millionaire has told how his swearing habit has made him a huge internet star.

Sean McLoughlin (27) is unknown to most of the Irish population, but well over 16 million subscribers watch him give foul-mouthed commentary as he plays computer games as his alter-ego Jacksepticeye.

The Athlone gamer is listed among the country's top 30 earners aged under 30, with new two-part RTE2 documentary Ireland's Rich List revealing he is worth €2.5m.

He revealed he has amassed his fortune simply by spending his time filming himself talking while playing video games - and usually turning the air blue.

"There's lots of swearing. The more you swear, the better. People react very positively to that apparently," he said.

"I do get a lot of complaints from parents who say I swear too much. I'm not kid-friendly, which I never said I was from the beginning."

Ireland's Rich List, presented by Joe O'Shea, examines how the nation's wealthy flash their cash.

Sean claims he has been very conservative with his riches, unlike other YouTube millionaires in his age bracket.

"It puts a lot of responsibility on you very quickly and you have to be wise about it," he said.

"A lot of YouTubers out there get a lot of money very quickly and splash it all on Lamborghinis and penthouse suites. If I ever buy a Lamborghini, someone can shoot me."

Sean McLoughlin (27) is unknown to most of the Irish population

Sean reveals that he was astonished to find out people made a living from filming themselves playing video games when he went on to YouTube to pick up tips while he was in college.

"I watched one guy and figured out he did it as a job. It blew my mind," he said.

"I say I'm an online entertainer because, whenever I say I'm a YouTuber, people look at me weirdly and don't know what that is.

"The main source of income on YouTube is ads.

"These days it's all watch time-based, so the longer you can keep people on YouTube watching your content, the more YouTube is willing to favour you and willing to put stronger ads on your videos."

He said his family are proud of his success, though his dad isn't very internet savvy.

"Older Irish people really don't get the YouTube scene," he said.

"My father doesn't even know how to use a remote control half the time, so trying to explain YouTube was a big deal. I don't think he still understands what I do, but he's very proud of it anyway."

Ireland's Rich List will be shown on RTE2 tomorrow at 9.30pm.


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