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Hearthstone: The Grand Tournament - At Gamescom 2015

Hearthstone - Burgle card
Hearthstone - Burgle card
Frank Whelan

Frank Whelan

Gamescom 2015 was the perfect chance for Blizzard to shed some further light on the upcoming Grand Tournament expansion.

The new set of cards will introduce a new mechanic called Joust.

Minions with a jousting based ability will force a minion to be revealed from each player's deck. The revealed minion with the higher mana cost wins and the result of a win is usually a seriously tasty battle cry boost.

In the demonstration below, we see the 6 mana Master Jouster receives both taunt and divine shield perks upon winning.

This new mechanic should bring about some interesting deck changes, with players including more high mana minions to take advantage of the value won from the joust.


Another welcome change is the addition of the Highest Rank Bonus.

Some players, myself included, develop the fear once they're achieved a certain rank. You've had a win streak and climbed the ladder but know that by all rights you've some serious losses coming your way and a plummet down to where you belong. In the past, the temptation was there to just walk away from ranked matches for the season, but thankfully the fear has been dissolved with this update.

From the Blizzard blog:

"Beginning this month, each player’s Quest Log will display the highest rank they have reached during the month and recognize their accomplishment. Additionally, we’ll be awarding players who progress past rank 20 with some minor rewards as a way of congratulating them for their achievements. Eligible players will receive a treasure chest at the end of each season containing the season’s Ranked Play card back, one or more golden cards, and some Arcane Dust. What’s in the chest is determined by your highest rank over the course of the season. For example, a player whose highest rank was 17 will receive a golden common card, 20 dust, and the season card back."

And, saving the best til last, we have new card reveals!

The cards can all be viewed in the gallery below. You can quickly get a sense of how the new Joust mechanic is rolling out. For example the new legendary card, The Skeleton Knight, has a deathrattle that triggers a joust and if successful, adds the legendary card back in to your hand. That's a lot of potential value from one card slot.

Hearthstone - Mukla's Champion
- A lower cost option for that Stormwind Champion effect
Hearthstone - Mukla's Champion - A lower cost option for that Stormwind Champion effect
Hearthstone - Ancestral Knowledge - Good news for control players
Hearthstone - Bolster - Yet more armour loading for the warrior who wears
Hearthstone - Argent Lance - A weapon that takes advantage of the new joust mechanic
Hearthstone - Armored Warhorse - A five attack charge for 4 mana is a nice gamble
Hearthstone - Burgle card - Always nice to be able to use Polymorph against a Mage
Hearthstone - Injured Kvaldir - For one mana this could be a great utility card for heal or kill combos. Northshire Cleric could go wild.
Hearthstone - Master Jouster - If the gamble pays off at the joust, taunt and divine shield for 6 mana would be nice.
Hearthstone - Tuskarr Jouster - Everyone's new favourite minion. Why? TURTLE!
Hearthstone - Gormok the Impaler - 4 damage for 4 mana with 4/4 is pretty versatile.
Hearthstone - The Skeleton Knight - If you have a relatively high mana deck, chances are your joust is going to give you multiple runs with this 7 attack card. Great for baiting Big Game Hunter.

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