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Tuesday 23 April 2019

Google launch new games console

Nexus Player
Nexus Player

Frank Whelan

Google have revealed the Nexus Player, an Android game console and media player, that gives access to the Google Play store from your TV.

The device, a collaboration with Asus, will be able to stream video, music and movies as well as being able to play Android games on your TV with the option to continue the game on your phone or tablet device.

Nexus Player controller
Nexus Player controller

There are a number of Android consoles out there, such as the OUYA and Amazon Fire TV, but Google's device has a number of points to separate it from the competition.

Running the new Android version 'Lollipop' and Android TV, the Nexus Player will come bundled with a remote featuring minimalist design and voice activation. The console size and remote are very reminiscent of Apple TV.

An optional gamepad really sets the Nexus apart from its Apple competitor, allowing for console-style gameplay. Although the Amazon Fire also features games, there is often a delay between a game appearing on the Google Play store and its availability on the Fire.

The Nexus Player is Google Cast ready, allowing for all the functionality of Google's affordable Chromecast device. This is good news for consumers torn between streaming devices, as one of the main drawbacks with the Chromecast was the lack of a standalone control option.

Nexus Player - Remote and device
Nexus Player - Remote and device

The specs line up like this:

  • 1.8GHz Quad Core, Intel Atom
  • 1 GB of memory
  • 8 GB internal storage
  • Imagination PowerVR Series 6 Graphics 2D/3D Enginge
  • Dual-band wireless
  • Bluetooth 4.1
  • HDMI
  • microUSB 2.0

The one big concern from the list above is the storage space. Without a microSD slot, the Nexus Player is going to struggle to hold a large amount of top end games, the exact ones users will probably want to play on a big screen with a console controller.

The Nexus Player is definitely a serious entry in to the market, compensating for nearly all of the Chromecast's weak points and scoring some points off existing competitors.


Pre-orders on Google.com start on October 17th 2014


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