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Get your personal trailer for Destiny The Taken King





Destiny the Taken King is showing of YOUR trailer - using your unique player model and stats to show the legend of your session so far

And to get you in the mood, you can see your own personal trailer for the new add on. That's right - head to this website and pop in your PlayStation PSN or Xbox Gamertag and the site will load your unique content, achievements and player model. Then it will put together an awesome personalised video to show off just how awesome you are.

You'll have to be level 20 to do this - which we aren't - so you can watch some very cool vids over the on the Reddit thread.

It's a very clever piece of marketing for the game, giving players a showcase for their own totally unique player rather than relying on anonymous cut scenes or live action video. It's also a great way to stir up players who haven't been in game much recently to egg them on to more achievements and an even bigger incentive for those who haven't yet reached level 20.

Best of all, you can download the video and keep it for posterity, as you prepare to wade into battle with the gigantic might of The Taken King.

Destiny The Taken King releases at midnight on the 15th of September. Prepare for some sick days tomorrow!