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Gaming with Ben Keenan

Blazerush: PC / Mac: €9.99, steampowered.com

A top-down racing game, replete with wacky weapons, zany propulsion systems and bizarre power-ups, BlazeRush knows its audience. With very short racetracks and quick races, it sometimes feels more like a slick mobile game, but without touch-screen controls.

If you're looking for something with replayability, fans of going fast, blowing things up and crossing the finish line first will find a lot to enjoy. Playable with mouse and keyboard, but connect an Xbox or PlayStation controller for best effect.



PS3, Xbox 360, Wii, Wii U: €39.99, GameStop

PS4, Xbox One: €54.99, GameStop

Retaining its unofficial title as one of the best party games around, Just Dance 2015 is just as strong as its predecessor, introducing new features and taking advantage of new-gen hardware for improved feedback.

If you have a Kinect, the game will still present you with, depending on your moves, a mortifying or brag-worthy video clip of you prancing around in front of your TV. The Community Remix feature lets you dance along with other players' recorded performances, and the library of current and retro tunes should please everybody.



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