Friday 13 December 2019

Gaming Reviews: Kim Kardashian - Hollywood

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Kim Kardashian Hollywood game
Kim Kardashian Hollywood game

Ben Keenan

A well-made mobile game set in LA, you're tasked with becoming a celebrity. How? By being attractive and shrewd, and bumping into Kim Kardashian, who kind of helps you for some reason. Probably because you're cute. Not afraid to make fun of itself, it does attempt to get you laughing with it, not just at it.

It's easy to roll your eyes at Kim Kardashian: Hollywood as a shallow cash-grab, the demise of Western culture etc, but thanks to its tried and tested game mechanics, it's inoffensive at worst and enjoyably-addictive at best.



PC/Mac/Linux: €19.99,

A sad, beautiful and stylish game from Istanbul telling the story of two brothers, Monochroma exists in an industrial-alchemical world set in the 50s. You play as the elder brother, whose younger brother has fallen and hurt his leg. You carry him most of the way, putting him down in light areas (he's afraid of the dark) so you can jump higher and move faster, always coming back to pick him up.

Clever puzzles, gorgeous art and six hours of gameplay - long for a game like this - account for the richer price tag.


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