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Gaming: Prison Architect


Similar to games like Sim City and Theme Hospital, but with a wickedly dark streak, Prison Architect is a work in progress, updated aggressively by its small UK-based team. First released in late 2012, every three to four weeks a new slew of features are added or refined.

At its core, it's a systemic simulation; each guard, inmate, staff member and object in the environment possesses its own artificial intelligence and discrete system. This complexity also leads to idealistic freedom, allowing you to create anything from a nightmarish hellhole to a rehabilitation resort.

With the attractive, cute, art style and well-designed interface, it's easy to see what's going on, which is important, since the updates have piled on top of one another, making for rich, addicting gameplay.

4 Stars

Lemmings Touch

PS Vita: €9.99, PlayStation Network Store

The newest release in a franchise dating back over 20 years, the simple gameplay and irreverent style of this classic is perfectly at home on a mobile platform, with dialled-in controls that make the most the PS Vita's touchscreen and physical buttons.

The modest set of touch-centric modifications to the original, alongside the influences of games like Angry Birds, both sit well with the original mechanics, which are as fiendish as ever.

After the clear and straightforward tutorial levels, the real game begins, ramping up gently in difficulty. The puzzles are cleverly designed and the 3D-rendered environments look gorgeous and punchy on the Vita's screen. Old-fashioned yet fresh, Lemmings Touch is the perfect distraction to have on hand – easy to learn, difficult to master.

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