Thursday 26 April 2018

Far Cry 4: Pagan Min - What we know so far

Frank Whelan

Frank Whelan

Far Cry 4 wouldn't be complete without a worthy antagonist and the mighty Pagan Min, King of Kyrat, looks to fit the bill nicely. Here's what we know so far.

Pagan Min is the self appointed "King of Kyrat" a position taken by conquest rather than given at birth. Some call him a sadistic dictator, others call him a psychopath, but everyone can agree he's the best dressed man in Kyrat.

Born in Hong Kong, Pagan Min grew up with violence and crime all around. Son to a middle-level drug boss in the Golden Triangle, Min's path was never going to be an easy one. His father was a small fish in a big pond, with ideas far smaller than Min's ambitions.

Min's ambition was matched only by his flamboyance, something which drove a wedge between him and his father. While working as a lieutenant in his father's organisation, Min grew to hate his dinosaur dad. Skip forward to the his father's demise by mysterious means and you see the ambitious Min in charge of the operation.

It was at the point of assuming control that Min took on the monker "Pagan" after a Burmese king who killed his family to take control. Somewhat blatant you might say, but Pagan Min was not a man to mess with.

Pagan began to carve out bigger and bigger slices of the crime pie. He gained considerable assets and grew a private army, but his actions started to annoy his heroin trade allies. Aware that he couldn't take them all on, Pagan Min sets his sights further afield.

FarCry 4 trailer screenshot

Enter Kyrat, the failed state that had descended into civil war. Pagan Min sided with the royalists and used his army to win the war, all while swelling his own ranks. With a distant heir set to be king, Pagan Min began a bloody campaign to win the war. After storming the palace, Pagan Min betrayed the royalists by killing the heir and proclaiming himself King of Kyrat.

Pagan Min set about wiping out all opposition using as brutal means as possible. After the betrayal and numerous executions, the Golden Path were formed as a small resistance. The 'terrorists' that irritate Pagan Min so.

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