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E3 2015 Catch-up 1 - Bethesda, Microsoft, EA, Ubisoft and Sony

Gears of War 4 - Meet the new guys
Gears of War 4 - Meet the new guys
Frank Whelan

Frank Whelan

E3 2015 is still rumbling on but already there have been more than enough mouth-watering announcements.

The first big press conference was held by Bethesda, the very first held by the company and boy did they have good reason this year.


  • Fallout 4 - This was revealed just before E3, so it wasn't a big surprise, but it made the headlines by looking so damn good. Companions, Pip-Boy on your phone, city building, crafting and modding. Due for November 10th 2015 release (so close!)
  • Doom - For all those FPS fans tired of shooting from cover, the king of run and gun is making a comeback in early 2016. If it plays as good as it looks, well, it'll make people happier than a marine with a chainsaw.
  • Dishonoured 2 - The game of the year series is coming back. This time with two playable characters that will alter the game significantly for players. Takes place away from Dunwall and should be out at some point in 2016. Read More: E3 2015: Bethesda announces Dishonored 2
  • Fallout Shelter - The iOS game was released on the day it was announced. That's right, you can go get it now. The game sees you building your own vault and acting as overseer.

So Bethesda got E3 2015 off with a bang.

Next up was Microsoft. To get you in the mood: E3 2015: ID@Xbox


Forza 6 screenshot
Forza 6 screenshot
Gears of War 4 - A new enemy to chainsaw
  • Xbox One is now backward-compatible with the 360 library. Now to figure out what to do with the potential empty shelf space.
  • Halo 5: Guardians - Hard to ignore a Halo and an expanded 24-player multiplayer experience will make a significant difference. Due out Autumn 2015.
  • The Division - Xbox players will get a beta in 2015, others will have to wait til the new year.
  • Rise of The Tomb Raider - Gameplay trailer shown and looks quite similar to the previous game in terms of action.
  • Gears of War 4 - The big one we were all kinda expecting. Announced for Christmas 2016. Preview showed off two unknown male and female  protagonists and some wolf-life enemies.
  • Rare Replay Collection - 30 of Rare's classic back catalogue in one collection. Out August 2015, there are too many legendary games to get excited about. Remember Blast Corps? Yeah ya do!
  • Forza Motorsport 6 - Out the 15th of September, Xbox's premiere racer is back with 450 cars and 26 locations.

It could be argued that EA always have a big show, but this year felt bigger than usual. Apart from the expected sport title updates, there were some tasty new games, albeit based on existing franchises.


  • Mass Effect Andromeda - The trailer makes it clear that this is a new story in the Mass Effect universe, with the words 'Explore a new Galaxy' confirming everyone's suspicions. Coming Christmas 2016.
  • Need for Speed - Out November 3rd 2015, EA are attempting to completely reboot the series, so expect it to go back to the original's urban car culture core.
  • Mirror's Edge: Catalyst - Out 23rd February 2016, Catalyst will be an origin story for the 2008 cult classic parkour game. A choice of paths and open-world environment both sound great.
  • Star Wars Battlefront - We got some gameplay footage, including the return of hero units, so look forward to fulfilling your dreams of kicking ass as Darth Vader. Due in November 2015, this one might finally keep Battlefield fans happy.
  • Plants Vs Zombies 2: Garden Warfare - The original was a surprise hit, and the E3 reveal brings some new modes and abilities to build on the first game. Summer 2016 from PopCap.
  • SWTOR: Knights of the Fallen Empire - expansion for the MMORPG. Launching free to subscribers in Oct 2015.

Ubisoft, the other global major publisher with a stable of big franchises, came next. Most of the line-up was somewhat expected, though the new super-hero themed South Park game seemed like a nice surprise. Hopefully it's as good as the Stick of Truth.


  • South Park: The Fractured but Whole - Hopefully doing to superheroes what South Park: The Stick of Truth did to fantasy, the game sees you as a new kid hanging with The Coon and Friends. But, who is the Coon?!
  • The Division - This has been a one-to-watch for quite a while. Ubisoft delivered a gameplay trailer following a group of people surviving in the city. March 8th 2016 release date.
  • Assassin's Creed Syndicate - New trailer for the London based addition to the AC series. Due October 2015. Let the annual assassination fest commence.
  • Rainbow Six Siege: Another title landing this October, latest Rainbow Six tactical shooter will see Rainbow Six Vegas and Rainbow Six Vegas 2 bundled in with every Xbox One copy. Beta details announced.
  • Ghost Recon: Wildlands - Open-world co-op game set in Bolivia. Reveal trailer showed multiple ways to get the mission done. Anticipation: Begin.
  • The Crew: Wild Run - DLC announced that will add in more exotic vehicles and introduces The Summit, a continuous championship all over the US.

Sony were the last big dog on the Monday. A sigh of relief surely went up when The Last Guardian finally appeared, followed by interested humming noises for more Project Morpheus info.


  • The Last Guardian - Legendary pedigree here, and the game appears to be following through on many of the ideas previously hinted at. Young boy solves puzzles with his massive dog-bird guardian. 2016 launch on the cards.
  • Uncharted 4: A Thief's end - Gameplay video shows a classic chase scene, from running through a city to cutting cross country and ultimately up onto the rooftops.
  • Firewatch - Always a lot of interest around an original title. You play as a fire lookout all alone in the woods. Your only connection to the outside world is a handheld radio and soon the mystery begins...
  • Hitman - Agent 47 is back. Little more was given, other than the fact that yes, another Hitman game is on the cards from Square.
  • Shenmue 3 - Bit of an odd one, Sega are using Kickstarter to earn $2m to develop the third installment in the interactive narrative fest.
  • Horizon: Zero Dawn - New IP alert! The Killzone gang, Guerrilla Games, launch a far future 3rd person adventure game featuring nomadic humans and enemy machines. Looks interesting.
  • Final Fantasy 7 HD Remake - It's easy to get jaded with all the HD remakes these days, but FFVII is perhaps one of the great big adventures of a certain generation, a game that for many defined their Playstation 1 experience. The game looks great, so here's hoping Cloud retains his charm.

Tuesday should bring Nintendo, Square Enix and a special AMD/PC Gamer PC conference.

Black Ops III - Ramses Station under attack
Black Ops III - Ramses Station under attack

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