Wednesday 17 January 2018

Destiny: Loot caves, weapon changes and easier Strikes

Destiny for PS4/XOne/PS3/X360
Destiny for PS4/XOne/PS3/X360
Frank Whelan

Frank Whelan

While the live beta tests revealed a lot, it took the full release of Destiny for developers Bungie to discover certain elements in need of improvement, as well as certain gamer behaviour. Less than a month in, Bungie have already released a to-do list.

Some of these changes have already happened, while others are more of an acknowledgement of the issue rather than a change we can be expecting any time soon.

Engrams: Engrams decode in a random manner, but Bungie felt they hadn't communicated that fact sufficiently. This resulted in players selling off their boring "blue" engrams, without realising they may contain something wonderfully rare. There will be changes here, although from the sounds of it the random decoding will remain, but the identifiers will change.

Loot Cave: Ah the Loot Cave, how we will miss you. Players quickly figured out a location to kill wave after wave of loot-dropping enemies. Bungie said "The speed at which the community organized around this activity was inspiring and humbling to us." But, that's not how they want Destiny to be played. While the original Loot Cave is now gone, others have been found. Bungie are planning to make cave farming less productive and increase the rewards from activities, so, it's more worthwhile to actually play the game.

Reward Celebrations: Sometimes you get rewarded with something cool, but the notification is easily missed. Expect more fanfare.

Voice Communication: It's clear Bungie are wary of unleashing the trolls, but chat is how communities grow. The short term solution is opt-in voice communication during matchmade activities.

Destiny for PS4/XOne/PS3/X360
Destiny for PS4/XOne/PS3/X360

Strikes: Strikes are going to become easier and less of a grind. Currently there's an issue where players are taking increased damage and dealing out less damage. Unfortunately the uber Vault of Glass is currently working as intended and won't be affected.

Balance: They're going to address the balance so no character build is the obvious right or wrong choice. Sadly they didn't mention what they consider to be the obvious right or wrong choice.

Exotic Weapons: They're meant to be interesting and great, but apparently some of the weapons received from exotic bounties are a bit disappointing. Bungie are advising players not to sell these weapons on, as they're due to get a re-jig and come in to their own.

Auto Rifles: Meant to be a spray of bullets for short to medium range, but some Auto Rifles can currently out perform longer distance scout rifles. Expect stability and/or damage adjustments.

Scout Rifles: The medium to long range rifles aren't hitting as hard as they should be. Expect some long distance damage bump.

Shotguns: The shotguns are too effective at medium range, especially when upgraded for that purpose. Changes will make them a pure close range beast.

While Destiny received mixed reviews, this sort of responsive development should not only create a better game but also create faith amongst gamers that Destiny is a long-haul adventure worth their hours.

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