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Batman and Mad Max add up to a big year for Warner Bros


Batman Arkham Knight

Batman Arkham Knight

Batman Arkham Knight

Warner Bros Games looks to be the top games publisher of the year according to the latest figures, thanks to Mad Max

Warner Bros Games is looking like top of the heap of games publishers right now, thanks to the success of Batman Arkham Knight and recent release Mad Max.

The figures go up to August 2015 and show a publisher at the top of its game, with more than $500 million in revenue counting Batman and Mortal Kombat X earlier in the year. They've also got hot properties like LEGO, with a new title set to launch next week.

Warner Bros says that their success is partly down to the way they run their internal development studios, giving them a lot of free reign to do what they like with major franchises. That includes Rocksteady's take on Batman, which bravely moved away from any tie in to the likes of Christoper Nolan's movie series and similarly free takes on Middle Earth and Mad Max. They're making strong, original works based on popular properties, and it's definitely paying dividends.

Now it has to be said that these figure are most focussing on the first half of 2015, just before the rash of blockbuster titles start to arrive in earnest. As well as a plethora of sports games - including FIFA 16 - there's the behemoth of a new Call of Duty entry on the horizon. Ubisoft is another big player which has yet to field its most significant titles, with a new Assassin's Creed and a long awaited Rainbow Six game set to launch before the end of the year.

Everything could still change, but there's no denying Warner Bros has done some good work so far in 2015.