Sunday 21 July 2019

Game of Thrones stars grilled by fans at Irish preview

Kirsty Blake Knox

Kirsty Blake Knox

Actor Jack Gleeson, who plays the part of evil ruler Joffrey Baratheon in HBO series 'Game of Thrones', will be sorely missed by his fellow cast mates once his time on the series draws to a close.

Gleeson plans on giving up acting completely after 'Game of Thrones' to pursue a career working behind the scenes in theatre.

"Jack is a delightful fella and a great actor," Liam Cunningham said. "But his passions lie elsewhere.

"It probably doesn't have the same magic for him as it does for some of the rest of us. But he is a joy to work with. I think he's going to go back to theatre."

Fans of the HBO series gathered at Dublin's Lighthouse Cinema last night for the premiere of the highly anticipated fourth season.

Actor Liam Cunningham, Michael McElhatton, Kristian Nairn and Ian McElhinney all attended the premiere and said they continued to be surprised by the shows on going success.

"I knew it was going to be good because I know how to read a script after this many years," Cunningham said.

"But I had no idea it was going to turn into a phenomenon. I think people like it because it's a show written by grown ups for grown up."

After the screening, the actors took part in a special question and answers session where they fielded questions from fans about the highly anticipated new series of the multi-award winning drama.

The first episode will be on Monday April 7 at 2am on Sky Atlantic, before being repeated for prime time slots at 9pm.

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