Friday 17 January 2020

Gaffe of the Day

Put a group of TV hacks and ex-footballers in a studio and you're bound to come a cropper now and then, and down the years Match of the Day has produced some hilarious bloopers.

Among the show's early hosts was the inimitable David Coleman, who once memorably summed up Nottingham Forest's poor form by saying, "they've lost six matches without winning".

John Motson was well known for his malapropisms, and it was he who came out with the immortal line, "for those of you watching in black and 
white, Spurs are in the yellow strip".

He also described the World Cup as "a truly international event", and rather unfortunately celebrated "England's finest victory over the Germans since the war!"

During his 22-year tenure on MOTD, Alan Hansen was suaveness itself for the most part, but also had his 
moments. During a 2011 broadcast, he twice used the word "coloured" to describe 
the Premier League's black players. They were not amused.

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