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For the father who has everything

Father's day is a rather different prospect to Mother's Day, and often far harder to mark with a suitable gift. After all, socks, though useful, are clearly boring, and novelty ties . . . well, they're not boring enough. Luckily someone is thinking about this in the right way, which means that today you can thank your dad for all the wonderful things he's ever done for you, with a bottle of DADA wine. Actually inspired by Dadaism - the art movement based on deliberate irrationality and negation of traditional artistic values, of which Marcel Duchamps was a cornerstone (displaying a urinal entitled Fountain at a group exhibition in 1917 was his coup de grace), DADA wine is stylish, original, and very easy to drink, created around unorthodox blends that encompass the best of New Zealand's diverse landscape and varieties. This blending allows the creation of complex, complete, elegant and restrained wines. Sound like anyone you know? DADA 1 is currently on offer for the special Father's Day price of €9.99, at Dunnes, Tesco, Spar and most local off-licenses


Sunday Independent