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WATCH: Keith Barry performs dangerous act with help of Hollywood actor Woody Harrelson

Illusionist Keith Barry performed a death-defying illusion in Waterford over the weekend, with a little help from A-list actor Woody Harrelson.

Around 6,000 people lined the streets of Waterford to see Barry free himself from a strait jacket while suspended 100 feet by his feet with cling film covering his face.

It took the magician around two minutes and 30 seconds to successfully free himself from the jacket and cling film. Before taking part he had his Hollywood pal Woody to ensure that there were no holes in the cling film before it was wrapped around his face.

“This was without doubt, the most dangerous act that I’ve performed to date, but I wanted to do something really, really special and memorable to honour Winterval which takes place in my hometown” said Barry.

“Needless to say, my stunts take years to perfect and are closely monitored by a team of trained professionals at all times, so no-one should ever think about trying to re-create them” he said.

Now in its third year and attracting  record crowds, the organisers of Winterval said that a performance such as Keith’s was the perfect way to thank the people of Waterford and visitors from all over the country for their support in making Winterval Ireland’s biggest Christmas.

“We promised visitors a ‘magical’, once in a lifetime experience and we believe that we have delivered” said Winterval Chairman Barry Monaghan.

 “Keith was magnificent this evening and it was a very fitting performance to highlight the magnitude of Winterval as Ireland’s biggest Christmas Festival and not just a market," he said.

"Waterford City’s Winterval now offers families more variety and events to enjoy, many free, than any other Christmas festival in Ireland. We look forward to welcoming lots more visitors to Winterval in the coming weeks where they can enjoy all the festivities associated with the perfect family Christmas”.

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