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We found U2's biggest fan! - Irish man hitched to Cork in the eighties to hear band play 'lark in the park'



James Coughlan has seen the band in concert 31 times, boasts a number of U2 tattoos and hitched to Cork in the eighties after hearing a rumour the band would be playing at 'Lark in the Park'.

Coughlan spent the night sleeping in the back of a bus in the Cork bus station after arriving to find the rumour was true - but that they'd already played.

Coughlan claims he has attended every tour since 1985, seeing the band in concert a total of 31 times. "I have gone broke more times to travel and get tickets for U2 shows!"

"I remember being in Croke Park in 1987 for The Joshua tree tour when I was 17 and returning there again in 2005 with my 17 year old son... it was a very special moment".

"I have a few tattoos of tours that were very special to me and are significant times in my life . U2's music has been more than Rock and Roll to me .....It's been therapy for the toughest times in my life".

James' used to attend the band's concerts with his wife but he revealed to Independent.ie that his wife "died suddenly at age 38" since the band's 360 Tour in 2009, and their music has helped him through his grief.

This time, he will be bringing his son - who is, of course, also a U2 fan.

"I am so delighted to win. I will definitely be bringing my son.... to share this special moment with him".

"There's so little tickets... I tried to get them and no luck. To win is so fantastic... I'm thrilled to bits!"

"My first album purchase was" Under a blood red sky" since then the rest is history".

"I met Bono a couple of times and one time I drew a picture of Bono's on the U2 studio door  at Hannover Quay and he cam out and seen it and invited me in to the studio ....it was an amazing moment in my life".

We've chosen James to win the tickets to U2's experience Tour in Dublin in November. He wins two tickets, one for him and his son. Well done, James!

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