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Think you're 'Best Dressed'? - Horses flaunt hoof varnish and 'natural makeup' at the Dublin Horse Show


The Dublin Horse Show attendees vying for the Best Dressed titles yesterday were given a run for their money today by the horses themselves.

Independent.ie followed the beauty process of one particular horse, known as 'Blue' to his trainers, while he prepared for the highly-contested 'showing' medium-weight class competition.

Blue's transformation began with a bath, followed by a hairdo (sewn-in plaits), hoof varnish, eye makeup and nose 'contouring'.

Claire Connors, the woman behind the makeover, told Independent.ie that the process was "worse than getting ready for a wedding".

"Here, you're dealing with everyone's nerves not just your own!", she laughed.

Blue is not alone in his efforts, with every horse competing going through the same process before appearing in front of the judges, with one owner joking that her horse "has a bigger beauty kit than me!"

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