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Sixty concerts and personal belongings in a band exhibition - is this U2's biggest fan?



Independent.ie are on the hunt to find U2's biggest fan to win two tickets to the Innocence and Experience tour in Dublin in November.

Harry Kantas is from Greece but moved to Dublin eight years ago to complete his Masters. Choosing between London and Dublin, he says that "it would never be London, really. Ever since I was a boy, I had a dream of meeting the 4 irish men that practically raised me".

"I was 5 years old when The Joshua Tree was released... My cousin had it on LP, and he taught me how to sing With Or Without You as I couldn't really speak English at the time!"

Harry was lucky enough to meet the band a number of times in the last eight years.

"They say you should never meet your heroes. But that was definitely not the case. All 4 members of the band, and the people around them, from friends, to members of the crew, are some of the nicest people you'll ever meet".

Kantas learned to play the music he loved so much, and even formed a tribute band.

"I picked up a guitar for the first time because of The Edge. I even had a U2 Tribute Band for a while, we were called "The Hype", and we did a mean version of "Acrobat".

Kantas says U2's music has kept him young.

"I am still the same 5 year old boy that could not stop playing with or without you on repeat".

Harry met his now wife "through the U2 community".

"She is from Sarajevo, another "U2 city". You could say she is my Miss Sarajevo. Well, Mrs Sarajevo now!"

Harry even went mini-viral for his excited reaction to U2 singing live on the Late Late Show and featured on RTE News' Morning Edition during a feature on the U2 Exhibition in the little museum of Dublin - as some of his 'personal collection' is featured.

"I have been fortunate enough to have attended 60 U2 shows so far.

Well, 59 U2 shows and one Aslan show to be exact, where U2 also performed".

Harry has seen the band on their Innocence and Experience Tour already in Vancouver, Los Angeles, New York and Turin, Italy.

"I've been a U2 fan a lot longer than I haven't".

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