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Powerful '7 Days in Syria' documentary to be screened at Fingal Film Festival


Fingal Film Festival is back for another year. Check out our selection of what to see and experience at the three day event.

The festival, based in the North County Dublin suburb of Swords, will take place from Friday 25th September to Sunday 27th September.



The non-profit organisation is ran by volunteers, hosted in Movies @ Swords cinema in the Pavillions Shopping Centre, and promises plenty of activity over the weekend for film lovers and movie buffs.

According to the organisers, this year's festvial will be the biggest to date as there was three times the amount of films submitted as there was in previous years.

"The shortlisting process has been very tough. We are happy with the final selection and believe there is something for everyone in this year’s schedule," Creative Director Dave Byrne said.

“We are being quite specific in our 2015 schedule layout, making the festival more accessible for people who just want to see a good film," he added.

With films from all over the world on the bill as well as breakthrough features from Irish directors and producers, there will be plenty of talent on display.

Here is what you can look forward to over the weekend:

1. Workshops

Workshops at the festival this year will be hosted by a team from Treehouse Republic Animation Workshop on day one (Friday 25th September 10am -1pm) and by Niall Brady, a sound supervisor from Screen Scene, and Steve Flanagan of Ardmore Sound on day two.

2. Screening and Q&A about the documentary '7 Days in Syria'.

This event (taking place Saturday 26th September at 2pm) is not be missed. The hard-hitting documentary brings viewers right into the centre of the conflict and is a moving body of work.

3. Screenings

Other indie films by emerging talent on the roster over the weekend include The Hiding, Brenda, An Cat and Today.

Visit Fingalfilmfest.ie for more information.

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