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Is this U2's biggest fan: Man proposed to win U2 tickets in 1997 and named his son after an album



Independent.ie are on the hunt to find U2's biggest fan to win two tickets to the Innocence and Experience tour in Dublin in November.

Graham Cooper has been a fan of U2 since 1981, has been to seventy concerts in thirty years and named his son 'Joshua' after the "greatest album of all time".

He proposed to his wife during a national radio competition live on-air, in which he had called in to request 'With or without you'. He won two tickets to see them in Leeds (1997) and brought his new fiance. It was her first ever U2 concert and she has now been over thirty times.

"U2 have been the soundtrack to my life, through a relationship breakdown with "So Cruel",  the start of my current relationship with "Stay".

They released "How to dismantle an atomic bomb"  in 2004 and sadly my sister passed away the following year. It was my sister that bought me my first ever U2 record,so even now when Bono sings "Sing, you're the reason I sing,You're the reason why the opera is in me" on 'Sometimes you cant make it on your own' it affects me, because U2 is my opera and my sister is the reason".

"In 2011 my mum passed away after a short illness, and last year when they released Songs of Innocence, there was "Iris". A few weeks ago, watching Bono perform that song in Amsterdam and singing "Hold me close, hold me close and don’t let me go...I’ve got your light inside of me" U2 yet again elevated me and made me feel close to my mum and sister once again".

Graham has framed all of his ticket stubs from the band's concerts and boasts an impressive t-shirt collection (above).

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