Tuesday 15 October 2019

Is this U2's biggest fan: Brazilian woman moved to Ireland to live in the band's hometown

Ana Lucia Campos-Day got her first speeding ticket because she 'didn't want to miss Bono arriving at a barbecue'

"We're all wearing the ONE campaign bracelet. ​I'm in bright lemon.Vertigo Tour, Sao Paulo".
"This one shows the stage better. Vertigo Tour".
"Croke Park 2009".
"My daughter Alissa".
"My daughter Alissa".

Clare Cullen

Independent.ie are on the hunt to find U2's biggest fan to win two tickets to the Innocence and Experience tour in Dublin in November.


Ana Lucia Campos-Day is living in Galway with her husband and thier daughter Alissa, who she says was not 'consciously' named after Bono's wife Alison.

Ana Lucia first heard U2 in her godfather's old Beetle when she was thirteen years old. She saw the band live in Sao Paulo in 1998 and 2006 twice in Slane in 2001 and once in Croke  She was present at the Clarence Hotel the time the band played on the roof. She says "I didn't even bother making up an excuse not to go to work that day".

Ana Lucia is a lawyer from Brazil who moved to Ireland after falling in love with the country during trips to see U2 play "their hometown".

"U2 put Ireland in the map for me when I was a child".

" I got my first driving ticket after driving for nearly 10 years because I didn’t want to miss Bono arriving at a barbecue with the ex-president of Brazil".

Ana Lucia named her first dog Bono, who sadly passed away in 2006.

"My deceased dog Bono and I".

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