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Video: 'What would St Patrick make of modern Ireland?' poet Phil Lynch asks

What would St Patrick make of modern day Ireland; would he setup a national tribunal to drive out the snakes?

That's the question posed by Phil Lynch in his poem If St Patrick could see us now. Phil and fellow poet Stephen James Smith will take centre stage in The Little Museum of Dublin on Sunday for the event "Tell Me About It". A number of artists will deliver poems that follow the theme "I Love My City".

“[The poem] was something I wrote some years back from the perspective of standing back and looking at Ireland at the time,” Mr Lynch said.

“I was looking at what kind of people we are, where’d we come from and, possibly, where we are trying to go.”

The accomplished poet, who has performed at Electric Picnic, said he was inspired to write about the return of the “saintly slave” as he watched the rise and fall of the Celtic Tiger.

Mr Lynch said he was unsure what such a return would mean for Ireland or St Patrick.

“What would it mean if he came back and saved us again; would he even risk it? Would we even welcome him, or need him? That’s the notions that were going through my head.”

Watch our video of Phil delivering his poem, and enjoy.

For more information on events during St Patrick's, see the festival's website.

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