Saturday 23 March 2019

'It's like Narnia but for Portaloo' - UK festival goers discover rave inside a portable toilet

The portaloo to another dimension. PIC: Persandwichman/Twitter
The portaloo to another dimension. PIC: Persandwichman/Twitter

Payu Tiwari

Toilet doors don’t always lead to the Chamber of Secrets- sometimes they lead to rave parties.

The Eastern Electrics Festival, held over the bank holiday weekend in Modern, United Kingdom, had portable toilets as any other festival does, with one silver lining:these ones transported you to a rave.

Many festival goers were shocked to discover that going to the loo led them to a party complete with loudspeakers, appropriate lighting, a dance floor and a night out vibe.

The ones lucky enough to encounter this took to Twitter to express their shock.

“It’s like Narnia but for Portaloo,” said one user.

“What in the wizarding world of Harry Potter,” said another.

The footage filmed by festival goers shows a guard standing next to the Narnia-esque loo as people flood in, as though they're heading to a club on the weekend.

This hidden aspect certainly bumps up the general image of portable loos at music festivals.

“Now that’s a portaloo I’d go near,” said another user.

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