Monday 23 September 2019

Hundreds of tents abandoned by Electric Picnic revellers but organisers say it's a 'definite improvement'

Closing scenes of Electric Picnic 2019
Stephen Collins/Collins Photos
Closing scenes of Electric Picnic 2019 Stephen Collins/Collins Photos

Mícheál Ó Scannáil

HUNDREDS of tents, chairs and cans were among the sea of litter left dumped across the Electric Picnic festival grounds again this year.

As almost 60,000 revellers left Stradbally after the festival came to a close on Sunday night, the great clean up begins and photos emerging from Electric Picnic show  that a large amount of rubbish was still left on site.

Festival-goers were urged this year to be more considerate of the rubbish they left behind and conscious of the ramifications this behaviour has on the environment.

Organisers say that the message has been a success as there has been a "definite improvement" in eco-conscious attendees bringing home their camping gear.

They estimate that there were 30pc more tents taken off site this year but said it is up to the individual to do their part to reduce the amount of rubbish improperly discarded at the festival.

"This year, Electric Picnic festival director Melvin Benn urged Picnickers to take their tents home and we are very pleased to announce there has been a significant improvement on last year," a spokesperson for the event told

"We also estimate that 30pc more tents have been taken home from other campsites too which is a wonderful improvement. In addition, 100 Field Agents of Change volunteers were in the campsites, helping festival goers pack up their tents and providing encouragement whilst educating them on how to be a zero waste festival-goer and the impacts of climate change.

"There was a definite improvement but there's still a long way to go. It's down to the people. They just need to bring their tents home. We can't make anyone do it but I think they definitely got the message this year more and hopefully it continues to improve."

This year 8,000 campers were pre-pitched in the Pink Moon campsite, that all get reused and a further 1,500 in the BYOE campsite. According to the organisers, 100pc of the tents in these areas were removed and the campsites were left immaculately clean.

The new Greta campsite, they said, gave people the opportunity to stay in a cleaner campsite which had a huge response for its first year and zero tents or litter were left in the disabled campsite.

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