Electric Picnic 2016: What are your tips and tricks for the best festival experience?

Electric Picnic 2016

Sasha Brady

With only a matter of days until this year's Electric Picnic kicks off, it's likely you've already packed your bags, planned your carpool journey and carefully highlighted LCD Soundsystem on your laminated timetable.

But it's a universally acknowledged truth that once you actually land on site - especially one as huge as Electric Picnic - things rarely go to plan.

Whether it's the weather (sunsine and hurricane threats); your mates not sticking to the schedule you agreed in advance (carefully laid plans to see Lynched are abandoned at the last minute when one friend wanders off to Le Galaxie) or simply losing your bag of mandarins, ponchos and cans; it can be trying for the most patient of festival-goer.

So we're looking for readers' tips on how to survive the festival unscathed and how to make the experience as magical as possible.

Maybe you know where the cheapest and tastiest food is? Perhaps you have some 'home improvement' tent hacks? Or, maybe you know 17 uses for toilet roll that could come in handy for any sticky festival situation?

Share your wisdom in the comments below or tweet them to us at @IndoEnts.