Saturday 18 November 2017

10 must-have gadgets for the festival-going tech addict

Soulra Rugged Rukus solar powered speaker
Soulra Rugged Rukus solar powered speaker
J25 gadget jacket
LIFEPROOF Screenless Phone Case
Notebook Folding Grill
Wireless flash drive
Clare Cullen

Clare Cullen

Heading to a festival this summer and dreading the thought of leaving your precious technology behind? Fear not as we have compiled a list of the must-have gadgets to help you stay online even at the most removed of festivals.

1. Solar Powered Speaker

Not only is the Soulra Rugged Rukus speaker powered by sunlight (5 hours = 8 hour play) but it can also charge your phone. All from the power of the sun (provided you get some, that is!) Play your music via bluetooth or plug your phone via the aux-in to save battery.

Two birds, one stone! The Eton Rugged Rukus option is water resistant and can be hung from tent pegs by the specially-designed handles.

The Soulra Rugged Rukus option is also drop-proof.

Soulra Rugged Rukus solar powered speaker

Options: Eton Rukus Portable Bluetooth Solar Powered Wireless Speaker, Rock Out 2 Solar Rechargeable Speaker, Devotec Solar Sound TM.  


2. j25 Jacket

Retailing around the same price as a Jack Jones or North Face jacket, he aptly-named j25 got it's name because you can fit 25 pieces of technology in it's numerous pockets, ensuring you have every gadget you could ever need on you at all times.

At the very least, nobody will be stealing your tech from your tent, and it's waterproof to ensure safety from rain and/or spillage.

It has touch sensitive pockets for smartphones and you can remove the hood and sleeves to turn it into a 23-device bodywarmer.

J25 gadget jacket


3. Waterproof, drop -proof phone case

Waterproof and drop-proof cases are key for protecting your phone from all that a festival will inevitably throw at it.

LIFEPROOF Screenless Phone Case

Options: Lifeproof, Otterbox, Incipio Atlas, Griffin Survivor.


4. Notebook BBQ

This tiny chrome BBQ might be the epitome of festival luxury on a budget. Currently on sale on Amazon for £20, down from £25. Not technically a gadget but more of a quirky lifeline for hungry festival-goers.

Notebook Folding Grill

5. Flat Dry Bag

Mind all your tech with a bag that keeps everything bone dry, no matter the weather. Just don't sit on it when it's full of tech - it's not unbreakable.

Options: Overboard, Flat Vision, Dry Bags TM.


6. Walkie Talkies.

Download all the walkie-talkie apps you want but your phone will, at some point (unless you've bought a solar-powered charger) die. Make sure that you can stay in touch with your group by bringing along some old-school walkie-talkies.


7. Wireless Flash Drive

Filled your phone and need to free up space for new pics? Look no further than a wireless flash drive, which allows you to back up your photos onto the drive via bluetooth, leaving your phone free and breezy for another round of tent selfies.

Wireless flash drive

Options: Sandisk, AirStash.


8. LED belt buckle

Never get lost at a festival again with this light-up LED belt buckle. Worst case scenario, set it to read your tent number or your emergency contact number and ensure that anyone coming to help you will know exactly where you belong.


9. Polaroid cube

Selfie sticks have been banned from most festivals but outsmart them all with this tiny camera from Polaroid. The GoPro-eqsue camera offers waterproof cases - to protect from spills or drops in the mud - and the magnet on the bottom means you can stick your camera to various railings and metal fixings in order to get the perfect selfie. There's even a 'bumper pendant' so you can wear the tiny camera around your neck without worrying about damaging it.


Options: Polaroid Cube, GoPro, TomTom Action Camera.


10. External Batter(ies)

When all else fails, return to the tried and tested method. If you charge a couple of external battery packs before the festival and keep them in your bag, you should be able to get your phone to last the three days. In this case, the more of these the merrier as they are often limited to an 80% recharge.

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